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Technical Content Wins Technical Buyers

Go from sporadic, ineffective marketing initiatives to a steady stream of compelling technical content that informs buyers with the right information at the right time. By helping prospects when they need it most, marketers can build a company's brand into a trusted resource, spend less per lead, and help sales achieve greater sales pipeline efficiency.

content marketing engineered book

The Book

Engineers and technical audiences think differently. Content Marketing, Engineered will help you learn their journey, earn their trust, and win their business.

wendy covey podcast

The Podcast

Listen to marketing advice and interviews with engineering leadership to learn about growing technical companies with content marketing on the Content Marketing, Engineered podcast.

Wendy Covey speaking

The Events

As a keynote speaker, Wendy equips and challenges audiences to create measurable, effective content plans; write, publish, and promote content; and measure ROI.

Listen Now

Learn more about content marketing with the Content Marketing, Engineered podcast. Wendy interviews marketing experts and engineering leaders to share insights into technical buyers and practical advice that you can implement today.