Engineers and technical audiences think differently: Learn their journey, earn their trust, and win their business.
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Content Marketing, Engineered gives engineering and technical companies the framework and guidance needed for content marketing.
The book guides business leaders and marketers through a proven, end-to-end content development process -- from identifying who to write for and what to write, to writing, publishing, promoting, and measuring compelling content that turns curious prospects into customers.
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Content Marketing, Engineered


Praise for Content Marketing, Engineered

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The power of an entire technical marketing team…in your hands.

This book fills in the gaps for the isolated marketer, whether a single-person marketer, a marketing leader with a team but suffering from little direction,  or an engineer undertaking new marketing efforts.

Written by Wendy Covey, CEO and Co-Founder of TREW Marketing, this book puts decades of marketing to technical audiences and years of formal research into a practical guide that includes:

  • Building specific audience personas and brand messaging
  • Planning, creating, publishing, and promoting content
  • Engaging sales and measuring ROI

Full Chapter List


Define Audience Personas


Tell Your Company Story


Create Your Content Marketing Plan


Prepare to Write


Learn to Write by Content Type


Edit and Polish Your Content


Where and How to Publish


Share Your Content


Create Sales Content That Converts


Measure Content Marketing Performance


Prepare for the Long-Term: Content Marketing ROI