Episode 20: Engage Potential Buyers with Webinars

Posted by Wendy Covey on Jun 11, 2020

Now more than ever, webinars are a fantastic way to engage potential buyers and grow your lead pipeline. Learn best practices and tips on how to get started or tweak your webinars for better performance.


In Dani Hao's role in Community and Events at Procurify, she hosts online events, webinars and a podcast. Webinars are used to both educate on a topical subject and to demonstrate the benefits of their solutions. For topics earlier in the buyer's journey, they may partner with an industry pundit or partner to gain exposure to an expanded audience. For topics later in the buyer's journey, Dani taps in-house experts to provide product demos or technical expertise in a specific subject. 


She's found value in leveraging interactive tools provide by today's webinar platform providers, such as polls and surveys, to enhance the attendee's experience. She also dives into detailed performance data to separate vanity metrics such as registrant numbers from data that shows which attendees are really engaged (and more likely to purchase). 


When Dani is not planning her next webinar, you may find her behind the mic on Procurify's podcast, Spend Culture Stories.









Topics: b2b content marketing, webinars

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